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Cleaning Specials & Promotions

3 Room Special House Cleaning

We’re Running a $145.00 Deep Cleaning Special for 3 Rooms
With the cleaning of 2 bathrooms



A. Master Bed Room, Living Room, Dining Room
 Master Bath, Half Bath

B. Family Room, Living Room, Dining Room
 Master Bath, Full Bath Room

C. Play Room, Living Room, Dining Room
 Master Bath, Half Bath

D. Sun Room, Library/Office, Living Room
 Full Bath, Half Bath

E. Master Bed Room, Second Room, Living Room
 Master Bath Room, Second Bath

F. Kitchen, Family Room, Living Room
 Second Bath, Half

G. Kitchen, Second Bed Room, Dining Room
 Master Bath, Half Bath.

H. Garage Special (Only) Organization and de-clutter

All Jobs are subjects to inspections for approval and Calendar placement
Please call us and we’ll be happy to assist you with scheduling

Course Fee: $145.00

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