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Clean Health & Safety Education For Youth

At ECICP we offer a different approach to school age care programs, we understand the importance of equipping youth as well as adults with many of the tools and skills they need to help them in life. For this reason, we are devoted to offering a diversity of educational life skill classes for youth in our hands on workshops. These skills are invaluable and will aid in growth and development for a better quality of life. The series of classes include: home up keep, decision-making, viruses and bacteria awareness, what makes a good leader, self-discipline, good manners, respect, integrity, etiquette, and much more. 

Emaculate Cleaning Systems LLC believes education is an essential element in keeping our youth safe. Providing awareness and safety education to children, teens, pre-teens, and parents is the foundation for our goal to stop bad clean health, and start safety habits.

By working with families, educators and our local communities, it is our hope that we will play an instrumental part to help reform the world with better sanitization practices. Health reform efforts take root and have staying power when parents, community members, business people, and local government become active stakeholders. 

Course Fee: $850.00

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