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Life Skill Education


Cleaning for Life 1; a Life Skills class 

These classes offer numerous opportunities to change or advance your health practices, habits, and understanding; while maintaining your current respect for clean health reform.

The Ernest Teen Class:  Cleaning for Life 1; a Life Skills course (Sanitech 2)

This course is designed to help teens ages 9-12 develop simple housekeeping skills. The students will understands the basic principles of home cleaning and management and other various concepts which will help them understand the care that a home requires.  Some of this teaching will also be hands on. The class will teach simple organization skills, Maintaining their space or areas, putting their dirty cloths away, putting dirty dishes away after meals; as well as vacuum, dusting, and mopping skills. They will also learn how to change a vacuum bag, class cleaning, and sanitary information like kitchen and bathroom care and more. 2.5-3 hr class  


Course Fee: $65.00

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