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Disable & Special Needs program


ECICP offers Cleaning for Life, A Life Skills Class;this is a comprehensive program that provides youth and young adults the opportunity to obtain basic household tasks. This program targets the skill areas of cleaning-care including personal grooming, hygiene, and home care which includes laundry, housekeeping, and sanitization as well as floor care and organization. It can provide a smoother transition into independence. This life skills program focuses on everyday skills needed for survival for person with special needs who are able to live independently. These skills are essential for special education students to learn because it helps the learner with easier transition from school to life in the "real world." By providing intensive assistance to students with varying abilities, ECICP helps students develop the well-rounded interpersonal skills required to have successful social interactions. This class also builds confidence levels to prepare individuals for the workforce and master the life skills needed to live independently.


The Cleaning for Life is provided in a small group setting, or on an individual basis. Student’s ages 14 through adult receive education and training from ECICP through our web base vocational classroom or at a classroom provided by the agency.

Starting Price for groups of 8-12 $900.00
                                             12-15 $1,500.00

Course Fee: $2500.00

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