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Government Assistance Programs

 EX-Offender Program

ECICP offers career certification for individuals who are incarcerated or being released from prison; they are able to obtain career opportunities in the cleaning industry. Individuals are able to log on via internet and participate in a cleaning course of their choosing. When they have completed the 8-12 week course and passed the online exam with a score of 80% or higher they become certified in that cleaning industry. This program also helps ex-offenders and other unemployed hard-to-place individuals obtain gainful employment in top cleaning industries. Our courses offer industry expert training, graphical information for the industry course, life skills, etiquette, career counseling, and other specialized services to help people with criminal records overcome employment barriers. ECICP will help ex-offenders and hard-to- place individuals reintegrate back into the workforce and help them with social readiness.

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Course Fee: $3500.00

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