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Clean Health Classes & Workshops For Groups

House Keeping Training Class

These skills are invaluable and will aid in growth and development for a better quality of life for entire families; as well as teach specific sanitization techniques and details for home cleaning. This class includes: home up keep, decision-making,  clean health for viruses and bacteria, what makes a good leader, self-discipline, good manners, respect, integrity, etiquette, and much more. These classes are given in group seminar or workshops. Individuals may take them online.  Each Individual will receive a certificate for completion of this class

Class Structure:  {Workshop} 

The house keeping training class is a 4 hour training workshop with four 40 minutes segments. There is a 10 minute question and answer session after each segment and a 30 minute break after the first 2 segments. 

  1. Introduction To Emaculate Cleaning Systems

  2. The first segment will cover; the 3D’s of clean philosophy, viruses and bacteria  caution and family safety 

  3. The second segment will cover; family structure, good communication, manners, respect, adult home leadership and self-discipline

  4. The third segment will cover; kids can clean too, at what age can kid’s help out around the house, kid safety and cleanliness.

  5. The fourth segment will cover housekeeping, cleanliness, and maintenance

 Class Description:

The purpose of this class is to familiarize you with home cleaning styles and protocols safety in residential homes or family dwellings. This class will give specific sanitization techniques and safety details for residential home or family living quarters. Individuals/trainees/Students will learn cleaning history and the 3D’s philosophy as well as important dos and don’ts in residential housekeeping. Participants will receive documentation for future references for home upkeep.

 Here's is what you will gain:

 Learn the step-by-step process for great housekeeping, get all of the skills you need to keep your dwelling in tip top shape.

  • Learn the 3 principles of cleaning that you can refer to in your cleaning practices whenever you need them.
  • Know exactly what to do when obstacles raise to help your family and loved ones with clean health and safety.
  • Know the exact questions to ask yourself to make sure you’re providing the necessary cleaning support needed to ensure your homes safety.
  • All participants are entered into ECICP’s Training Tracker database. These records are accessible industry wide through www.ecicp.com.
  • Upon completion of the class, participants will be issued an ECICP training certificate as a sanitation technician (Sanitech)
  • Gain valuable life skills for personal development 
  • Some Hands on training and instruction for live participants


How to Register and Important Information  

Go to www.ecicp.com, www.emacworld.com  or the register tab highlighted at the bottom of the screen if your currently on our school site to register your group for this workshop class.

 You must be at least 18 years of age to take this class.

 Fill out the registration form and submit payment

Personal checks will not be accepted. Candidate fees must be paid by any of the following methods: Pay online at www.ecicp.com or Send all payments to P O Box 335 Jamestown, NC 27282 two weeks before your scheduled workshop. payable to: Emaculate Cleaning Systems

Money order - Credit card - Debit card - Cashier's check - Certified check

The Certification Department will inform you of your application status within 30 days of the date you submit your complete registration form and faxed required documentation.

A processing fee of $25 for each class/course will be charged if a student withdraws from any paid

Course/class. All registrants have a three day right to resend for full payment. After three day registrants may receive full refund with the exception of $25.00 processing fee. Registrants may receive half of their paid refund within fourteen days of class/course session if there is no notification of rescheduling, no refunds will be issued twelve days prior to class starting date. Registrants may register for another class/course session with in seven day period. They may also apply for a hold date and use this hold date up to three months if an emergency has occurred.

Once you pass the exam, you will receive an official certificate through our online printing process to prove you have achieved your (NCCP) credential. You may also request one be mailed to you. You'll also be able to direct employers to the ECICP data base on our website where they can confirm your NCCP status. And, you'll feel the confidence of knowing you have earned the industry's highest standard for the cleaning industry profession. (Not for certificate classes and workshops)

To better ensure current competency and knowledge and to better protect your clients and public safety, you are required to recertify your credential every 30 months or 2.5 years. You may do so by examination or through website in an 8 hour recertification course and a short exam. (Not for certificate classes and workshops)

This is a group training class for groups of 10-18 people. This is a citificate class and not a certification training course.


Course Fee: $1050.00

Please or Register to buy this course.


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Clean Health Classes & Workshops For Groups