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Specialty Training

Restaurant Staff Training

Emaculate Cleaning System offers protocol creation & training for the restaurant/food industry your restaurant will receive a house certification announcing your staff and management team has been trained by the 1st and only cleaning institution in the world. We also offer restaurant back of the house (kitchen) and front of the house wait staff and host training. This cleaning certification for restaurants is one of a kind and tailored for the restaurant’s specific needs in mind.

The reputation of many restaurants has suffered because of poor quality in insufficient knowledge and knowhow from the staff in the cleaning area. Safety and appearance are the most important aspect of your restaurants.

A cleaning certification for your restaurants will reestablish lost relationships as well as increase your profit margin.  Prevention is the key to reducing overhead and mistakes. Emaculate Cleaning Systems has a system of training that will give restaurants back their Standard of professionalism. We have developed a cleaning protocol for the restaurants industry that will train all their staff to perform cleaning task that has only been accomplished by the professionals. A front end certification will give you a cleaning edge over all the rest.

We will train the front as well as the back of the house like the pros this is sure to give you five star ratings.


Restaurants are normally trained for the kitchen area which is usually more intense during state-mandated fire, health, and insurance inspections.  We will certify your staff to perform these standards for the entire establishment and train all the front floor management so these cleaning can be performed on a daily biases.


What this can mean for your facility:


  • Pests Elimination

  • Elimination of Bacteria/Germ Transfer

  • No more Service Inconsistency

  • No more Improper Cleaning Procedures

  • Training for you restaurant management and their floor staff

  • Teach customer etiquette 

  • Re-establish lost business.

  • Create a facility Protocol for cleanliness

  • Reduce the bottom and raise profit margins

  • Establish customer loyalty                       

  • Change the overall employee atmosphere to a healthy positive environment.


  • A well Emptying grease traps

  • Mopping and waxing floors

  • Vacuuming waiting areas / when and how

  • Sanitizing bathrooms

  • Disinfecting and polishing sinks, mirrors, toilets, and urinals

  • Washing internal/external windows

  • Dusting windows, mini-blinds, air conditioner vents, wall hangings

  • Refilling consumables including paper products and soap

  • Removing wayward food and grime from dumpster  and other areas


Our green cleaning education and training will help you create a program which enables you faculty to be efficient in joining the movement toward friendly environmental cleaning practices.


A well trained cleaning staff can prolong the life of your business, and provide the cleanest dining environment for your customers. Emaculate Cleaning Institute for Cleaning Professionals can offer a cleaning protocol for your staff and management in an array of services for your facility that may include:


  • Educational insight for a eating establishment
  • Washing kitchen hoods

  • Cleaning exhaust fans, ducts, filters

  • Cleaning tables

    Starting Price

Course Fee: $1500.00

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