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Specialty Training

School/University Staff Training

ECICP’s cleaning certification for schools/universities is one of a kind and tailored for the school’s specific needs.


The reputation of many schools have suffered because of poor quality in insufficient knowledge and know how in the cleaning area. Safety and appearance are the most important aspect of your school.

A cleaning certification for your school will reestablish lost community relationships as well as show parents and community leaders your staff’s and student’s health is your top priority.  A cleaning protocol for your institution can reduce or eliminate potentially harmful products and processes, and lower absenteeism, illness and injury. Training staff as environmental managers elevates an employee's self-image and the value of the staff's work

Training employees in cleaning for health and safety empowers them to help produce cleaner, healthier facilities at less cost, enhances the professionalism of a custodial department, raises morale and creates safer working conditions.

Prevention is the key to reducing high overhead.  Emaculate Cleaning Systems has a system of training that will give schools/universities back their standard of professionalism. We have developed a cleaning protocol for the school/university industry, this will put you steps above all the rest.


ECICP would like to reshape the way the cleaning industry looks at itself and how it represents itself to the public.”
We want to restore public concerns about schools clean health, safety and their professionalism by creating a cleaning protocol for your school/university cleaning staff.

         We will assist with: 

  • Pest Elimination

  • Bacteria/Germ Transfer

  • Service Inconsistency,

  • Improper Cleaning Procedures

  • Chemical Control

    How our training & protocol establishment for professionals can help:

  • Training for school management and staff

  • Teach employee etiquette 

  •  Create a facility protocol for your establishment.

  •  Answer questions protocol manual

  • Instructional DVD (can be used for a two year training tool).

  • Our trained professional instructors are here to assist you with cleaning instructions and maintenance clean up to get the facility in tip top shape.

  • Instructions are just a click away by logging on to our online institution



    A certification can:

  1. Establish a mark of excellence for them

  2. give you a competitive edge for promotion and hiring

  3. Show clients and associates commitment and dedication

  4. Reestablish lost business.

  5. Create a facility Protocol for cleanliness

  6. Reduce the bottom and raise profit margins

  7. Establish customer loyalty                                   

  8. Change the overall employee atmosphere to a healthy positive environment.


A well trained cleaning staff can prolong the life of your furniture and equipment, and provide the cleanest environment for your customers. Emaculate Cleaning Institute for Cleaning Professionals can offer a cleaning protocol for your staff and management in an array of services for your facility

Our green cleaning education and training will help you create a program which enables you facility to be efficient in joining the movement toward environmentally friendly cleaning practices.

Starting Price

Course Fee: $1500.00

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