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Career Certification Course

The Mildred 2:

Certification Course for Real Estate homes Cleaning Business 

The purpose of this course is to familiarize you with professional cleaning styles and protocols in the real estate cleaning industry (Empty Properties). This course will give specific sanitization techniques and details for specialty areas in real estate cleaning. Students will learn some cleaning history and the 3D’s philosophy as well as important do and don’ts in cleaning real estate properties. It will also give specific techniques for government properties and remodels. The course is organized around points of common interest found in the commercial house cleaning market. Students will receive an ECICP certification for completion of this course. This training is for individuals starting real estate professional cleaning businesses or established reality companies who are interested in services for their facility or employees trained for certifications. Students will receive some documentation and start up information for easy business growth and profitability. ECICP will give you the tool you need to be steps above all the rest. With a certification you hold the key to massive advantages above your competitors.

This course is a 72 emac hour course set for 18 sessions over 9 weeks. (4 credits)


Investment: $1342.00

Course Fee: $1342.00

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