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Clean Health Awareness Education & Training Reform

Clean Health Awareness Education & Training

Many reformers focused on reforming society by reforming education ECICP is focused on providing educational awareness and unhealthy conditions to reform clean health. We are educating the public through our clean health awareness classes. These classes provide insightful information on the condition of our communities, our state, and our nations’ health and cleanliness conditions. Exposure to virus, germs, toxic water, lead, mercury, and other contaminates are health hazards that are putting our children and families at risk for asthma, cancer, and developmental problems. ECICP’s Clean Health classes are life skill classes with a punch. These classes and or seminar/workshop provide information of safety, awareness, equipment use and much more. These classes are great training tools for work place safety and better clean health practices for   Students in universities, corporations, day care settings, church environments and much more.



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Clean Health Awareness Education & Training Reform

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