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Free Seminar Description:

Emaculate Cleaning System is happy to offer free 30 minute clean health awareness seminars to local schools for youth. This seminar is designed to provide a quick detailed understand about better clean health practices. There is usually a variation of seminar being presented. The information has been prepared for different levels of understanding. Schools may also enjoy the option to choose what information they may want presented to their youth. Parents and school staff may enjoy sitting in on these lessons as well. Youth will enjoy the information presented and they often find it helpful in decision making where ever they venture.  

School is where our youth learn and gain value. Emaculate Cleaning Systems’ clean health & safety seminars isn’t just about physical cleaning; it’s about total cleaning.  We share valuable life skills that will aid youth in life’s journeys. We educate on:

  • Clean health…. Hygiene, germs, viruses and bacteria staying safe

  • Clean conservation…. Talking with respect to others, parents and authorities

  • Clean Thinking…. Thinking positive thoughts about yourself and others

  • Clean Decision Making… Choosing to do the right things

  • Cleaning living….. Housekeeping (keeping your area cleaning) bedroom, bathroom etc.

  • Clean playing…..kids understanding good playing habits and techniques vs. bad ones

  • Clean sharing…. What you should and should share

  • Clean love (respect)….. The love of yourself and others

  • Safety at Home…. How to be safe while at home with family and alone

  • Public safety…. How to be safe in public places and with friends, when to speak up

These seminar are totally free, however; we hope that you will make a monetary donation on our website to assist us in keeping our free school champagne going. If you would like to make a donation in the form of a check you may do so by sending it to Emaculate Cleaning Systems at P. O. box 335 – Jamestown, NC – 27282

These free seminars are for grade schools only.

If your institution is interested in a 1hour seminar or 2hour workshop on the above topic we do offer discounted prices to grade school facilities only. 1 hour seminars are $450.00 per school assembly and 2hour workshops are $800.00 per school assembly. These teaching come with handouts and other documentations

We appreciate your interest in educating the youth in clean health and safety reform


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