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Specialty Training

Specialty Training

To prevent cleaning from becoming a problem or overly expensive,
it should be taken seriously, properly supported, and professionally managed.


Your clean health training solution begins here at ECICP. . . our Web-based training is an innovative approach to distance learning in which computer-based training (CBT) is transformed by the technologies of the Internet. Web-based training is not downloaded CBT, rather on-demand training stored in a server and accessed across a network via the Internet. ECICP’s web-based training presents technical content in a structure allowing self-directed, self-paced instruction or scheduled live instructors. Our live web courses/classes are generated when 10 or more students have registered for a course with a full limit of 25 students. Whatever your learning style ECICP is ready to equip you with what you need.


Tailored to your business environment, your business is unique — no one does it like you. Your training should be distinct, as well.

How your facility look is a direct representation of the service you offer. And cleanliness is always the best first impression on customers. ECICP specialty training is a detailed and high quality training for your cleaning staff. Protocols are created and tailored for your particular industry.  


That is why ECICP created Tailored Training - an approach that lets you build a training curriculum that meets your specific requirements. Every Tailored Training lesson is based upon practical, task-driven objectives, covering specific skill requirements and job tasks associated with each facility, industry, and corporation. Courses are designed to align with specific job functions and focus on relevant job tasks. You make the decisions, based on your needs, for training that's tailored to your:

  • Industry needs

  • Employees' skill and knowledge requirements

  • Legal guidelines

  • Budget

    ECICP has it tailored to fit, for bottom-line results.


Clean Health & Wellness Classes

Government Assistance Programs

Business Etiquette Classes

Life Skill Education

Career Certification Course

Workshops & Seminars For Schools & Universities

Clean Health Awareness Education & Training Reform

Clean Thinking for Business Stability

Clean Health For Outer Beauty

Time Management

Life Care Planning & Security Preparation

Cleaning Specials & Promotions


Clean Health Classes & Workshops For Groups