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Our Programs

 What Programs Are Available At ECICP The Worlds' First And Only Certifying Cleaning Institution? 

Your career cleaning and education training solution begins here at ECICP. . . our Web-based training is an innovative approach to distance learning in which computer-based training (CBT) is transformed by the technologies of the Internet. Web-based training is not downloaded CBT, rather on-demand training stored in a server and accessed across a network via the Internet. ECICP’s web-based training presents technical content in a structure allowing self-directed, self-paced instruction or scheduled live instructors.

ECICP Has a Number of Courses to Choose From Career Certification Course

  1. The Mildred 1: Certification Course for homes Cleaning Business…Available
  2. The Mildred 2: Certification Course for Real Estate homes Cleaning Business …Available
  3. The Mary 1: Certification Course Public Work Place/ Bathrooms & Break rooms Cleaning Business Coming Soon
  4. The Mary 2: Certification Course Commercial Group Home/Special Facility Cleaning Business. Coming Soon
  5. The Mary 3: Certification Course janitorial /Office Cleaning Business. …Available
  6. Betty 1: Certification Course Restaurant Cleaning Business Coming Soon
  7. Jannie 1: Certification Course Daycare Cleaning Business Coming soon
  8. Robert 1: Certification Course Commercial Floor Care Cleaning Business Coming Soon
  9. Robert 2: Certification Course Industrial Commercial Stove, Ovens & Refrigerator Cleaning Business Coming Soon
  10. James L 1: Certification Course Medical Instruments Cleaning Business Coming Soon
  11. James L 2: Certification Course Crime Scene Cleaning Business Coming Soon
  12. Eloise 1: Certification Course Store Front Cleaning Business Coming Soon
  13. Eloise 2: Certification Course Air Duct Cleaning Business Coming Soon
  14. Sarah 1: Certification Course Church Cleaning business Coming Soon
  15. Sarah 2: Certification Course Stoves, Oven & Regenerator Cleaning Business …Available
  16. Clifford 1: Certification Course Power wash Cleaning Business Deck Coming Soon
  17. Clifford 2: Certification Course Commercial Power wash Buildings Business Coming Soon
  18. Alex 1: Certification Course Window Washing Cleaning Business Coming Soon
  19. Alex 2: Certification Course Boat Cleaning Business Coming Soon
  20. Laura 1: Certification Course Public Play House Cleaning Business Coming Soon
  21. Alexander 1: Certification Course Trucks & Fleet Cleaning Business Coming Soon
  22. Alexander 2: Certification Course Pool Cleaning Business Coming Soon
  23. Richardson 1: Certification Course Residential Trash Can Cleaning Business…Available
  24. Richardson 2: Certification Course Roof Cleaning Business Coming Soon
  25. Joyce 1: Certification Course Post Construction Cleaning Business Coming Soon
  26. Joyce 2: Certification Course Industrial Sanitization City Trash Cans Coming Soon
  27. Joyce 3: Certification Course Movie Theater cleaning Business Coming Soon
  28. Dorothy 1: Certification Course Animal Shelter Cleaning Business Coming Soon
  29. Dorothy 2: Certification Course Apartment & College Dorm Cleaning Business Coming Soon
  30. Betty 2 : Certification Course Hotel Cleaning Business Coming Soon
  31. Jannie 2: Certification Course Organizational Cleaning Business Coming Soon
  32. Laura 2: Certification Course Auto Car Detailing Cleaning Business Coming Soon
  33. Willie 1: Certification Course Truck Stops & Gas Stations Cleaning Business Coming Soon
  34. Willie 2: Certification Course Water Fountain Cleaning Business Coming Soon
  35. Percy 1: Certification Course Animal Farm Cleaning Business Coming Soon
  36. Percy 2: Certification Course Sports equipment Cleaning Business Coming Soon

Life Skill Education Classes /Sanitation Technicians

  1. The ABC’s of Clean for Tots (Sanitech 1)Available
  2. Cleaning for Life 1; a Life Skills class (Sanitech 2)Available
  3. Cleaning for Life2; a Life Skills class (Sanitech 3)Available

Early College and Young Adult Class Healthy Living (Sanitech 4) Available Seminars & Workshops Groups

  1. Clean Health & Awareness Surfaces Education Coming Soon
  2. Clean Health & Awareness Touch Education Available
  3. Clean Health & Safety Education for Youth (Don’t Share)Ages 9-12 Available
  4. Clean Health & Safety Education for Tots (Don’t Share)Ages 5-8 Available
  5. Clean Health & Safety Education for Seniors (Safety for Seniors)Ages 55 and Up Available

Clean Health, & Awareness Education Reform

  1. Clean, Health, & Safety Life Skills for Seniors Age 55 Plus. Available
  2. Clean, Health, & Safety Life Skills for Men Age 18 Plus. Coming Soon
  3. Clean, Health, & Safety Life Skills for Women Age 18 Plus. Coming Soon
  4. Clean, Health, & Safety Life Skills for Lifestyles Age 18 Plus. Coming Soon
  5. Clean Health, & Community Awareness; Safety Skills for Lifestyles Age ) Any). Coming Soon
  6. Clean Health, Values for Daily Living & Survival Age 18 Plus. (Seminar) Coming Soon
  7. Home Maintenance Awareness & Safety Available
  8. Clean Health, & Pet /Animal Safety; Age (Any). Coming Soon
  9. Clean Health, & Body Safety for Youth Ages 5-12 Coming Soon
  10. Clean Health for Youth, Don’t Touch Me There. Coming Soon

Cleaning Up Your Thinking for Business Stability

  1. Cleaning Up Your Thinking Spiritual Insight for Business Growth. Coming Soon
  2. Closed Mouth’s Never Get Feed. Coming Soon
  3. The Power of Your Mind. Coming Soon

Clean Health for Outer Beauty Classes

  1. Clean Beauty Introduction for Beginners Coming Soon
  2. Clean Beauty for Head, Hair, & Hands Coming Soon Clean Health, For Etiquette Classes
  3. Clean Personal & Space Etiquette 101 Coming Soon
  4. Clean Job Etiquette 101 Coming Soon

Clean Health, & Wellness Classes

  1. Clean Body Health For Beginners Coming Soon
  2. Clean Brain For Life Coming Soon
  3. Clean Water & Minerals Coming Soon

ECICP Time Management

  1. Time Over Mind (Planning for Success) Coming Soon
  2. Time & Schedule = More Money Coming Soon

Government Assistance Programs

  1. Ex-Offender Program
  2. Disable & Vet Special Needs Program
  3. Public Assistance Program
  4. Housing & Education Program 5. Clean Health & Life Security Preparation

Specialty Training

  1. Hotel Staff Training
  2. Restaurant Staff Training
  3. Hospital/Nursing Care Staff Training
  4. School/University Staff Training
  5. Special Facility staff Training & Education
  6. Industry Clean Health, Safety & Protocol Training
  7. Corporate Safety Training


Clean Health & Wellness Classes

Government Assistance Programs

Business Etiquette Classes

Life Skill Education

Career Certification Course

Workshops & Seminars For Schools & Universities

Clean Health Awareness Education & Training Reform

Clean Thinking for Business Stability

Clean Health For Outer Beauty

Time Management

Life Care Planning & Security Preparation

Cleaning Specials & Promotions


Clean Health Classes & Workshops For Groups