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Career Planning and Advisement

At Emaculate Cleaning Institute for Cleaning Professionals we are dedicated to helping our students achieve the best success they desire with extensive advisement and career mentoring with counsellors. We understand that the road to success does not happen overnight, but rather through a number of well-coordinated steps.

By discussing desired goals, options, and the necessary steps to take to reach those goals, our career counsellors are able to help guide each student on an individual level to help aid in their career success. We can help you devise a strategy for turning your interests, skills, and values into a thriving career in your cleaning industry. ECICP offers on-site and virtual career seminars throughout the year for all graduate professionals.


Job Leads:

Job leads give ECICP students an extraordinary leg up so that they can more easily land the jobs they seek. Our job placement services are solely committed to getting students connected with employment opportunities in their field of study. We understand that our students are investing their time with our programs in order to find real world careers they can rely on to be strong pillars to create personal and professional financial happiness for themselves and their families.

Interview Skills:

Having the knowledge and know-how as to how to conduct yourself in an interview is an undeniable aspect of finding work, which is why we give all of our students lessons and tutorials with regards to interview etiquette, preparation, dress code, approach, techniques, and more. Upon finishing our programs, students are well equipped to confidently conduct themselves in interviews and ultimately get hired.

Professional Career Development:

When it comes to helping people down the path to a successful and satisfying career, there is no program more worthwhile than what we have at ECICP. For the highest quality professional career development, at ECICP you’ll find an assortment of courses that can prepare you for a wide variety of exciting and well-paid careers in a variety of cleaning industries. Our extra services that focus on mentoring services for resume preparation, interview skills, career development, and job placement help ensure that our students are confident and well qualified to land jobs in the specialized fields they’ve completed coursework in.

Web Design 

ECICP offers web design career packages to be purchased with course tuition or separately. Students may have a web site designed through ECICP technology and three months business advertisement on our business web site for career placement and job growth. See our tuition and career packages for prices.



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