We Are Emaculate Cleaning Systems LLC.

We Certify, Educate and Train Cleaning Professionals.


  • ECICP is a global online cleaning institution that certifies new and existing cleaning professionals. We also offer cleaning life skill education as well as cleaning health and safety training to individuals, families, facility staff and organizations. Our institution offers more than 30 cleaning careers for individuals interested in becoming outstanding cleaning entrepreneurs. We will assist you with the knowledge and industry criteria to setup, run and manage your own cleaning company. We have more than 98 years of industry wide cleaning experience. Become an expert in one of our various cleaning fields. ECICP will assist you in becoming and asset to your cleaning industry. WE are adding new course continuously, see what's available now and what coming up in the next six months. Keep checking back here, there will be something available soon that will speak to your unique gifts and talents, and we will be here to help you get started.
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