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About Us

Emaculate Cleaning Institute for Cleaning Professionals LLC (ECICP) is the byproduct of Emaculate Cleaning Service. ECICP is a web based cleaning institution that offers certification for cleaning professionals in more than twenty-five different industries.
Emaculate Cleaning Institute is the only center of higher learning in the world geared to the advancement and training for cleaning professionals. Our institution offers certification, training, and advanced learning to equip the cleaning industry with skilled and knowledgeable cleaning professionals. ECICP establishes cleaning protocols in several different cleaning industries to create a safe and healthy environment for consumers.

Company Vision/Mission Statement

The vision of Emaculate Cleaning Institute for Cleaning Professionals is to serve as the resource and representative for industry cleaning certification and protocol creation.

The Mission of Emaculate Cleaning Institute for Cleaning Professionals (ECICP) is to meet the personal and career goals of a wide range of individual learners; by providing exceptional services, products, resources and opportunities, and to

ECICP's primary audience is comprised of:

Primary Audience: Corporate Business Industry; Government
Secondary Audience: Private Individuals, Consumers
Primary Industry Sector: Food, Hospitality, Shops, & Health Professional
Program Type: Vocational/ Trade and Career
Lecture Hours: 116


Clean Health & Wellness Classes

Government Assistance Programs

Business Etiquette Classes

Life Skill Education

Career Certification Course

Workshops & Seminars For Schools & Universities

Clean Health Awareness Education & Training Reform

Clean Thinking for Business Stability

Clean Health For Outer Beauty

Time Management

Life Care Planning & Security Preparation

Cleaning Specials & Promotions


Clean Health Classes & Workshops For Groups