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October 1, 2022

It was about noon on a Saturday in the early season of fall. The leaves had just began to turn a light orange indicating that the almost embraceable hot summer was passing by and the cool brisk of fall was at hand. I’d decided to take a stroll through the city park and look at the lakes’ calm water at my dedicated spot. I’d do a little meditation and relax and head back home in about an hour to go over some work materials. Just as I was about to sit down in my spot I felt what seemed like a tingle on my right thigh. I quickly hit my thigh to wort off any pest that I thought was attacking me, only to realize that it was only my phone buzzing in my pocket. Hurrying to get it out of my pocket to stop the annoying vibration on my leg I answered the call. I didn’t check to see who the incoming intruding was interrupting my peace time. I fumbled as I answered in haste “Hello” only to discover that I should have left the phone in the car.

I wasn’t surprised to here the voice on the other end, it was my ex. “I’ve got an emergency, and I need you to come over and help me, right now he said”. I said “what”? He said “don’t act like your too busy either, it’s Saturday, and I need you”! Dang, I thought to my self; why did I answer, I should have let it buzz my leg to sheer numbness. “What is so important, that you need me so urgently, I asked him”. “Come help me clean up, my dad, my sister, and brother are coming in from out of town to stay with me for a week, and I need help getting the house ready.” I said, is it messy? No, he said I just need help because they will be here in a few hours, and I haven’t done anything because I had to work today. I just need to change the beds and vacuum and wash towels before they get here and I can’t do it all by myself, please come help me – please; it won’t take long with your help. Reluctantly I agreed to help him for 1 hour and assist him for the sake of his father. I disengaged from my hour of peace to trade it for a uninspected cleaning job. 20 minutes later I arrived at my ex’s door, when he opened up the door, I was flabbergasted to discover the magnitude of the mess that was before me to try and conquer before the arrival of the family in 2 and a half hours. I looked at him and said, ? # * ! _ + # ^ ~ @ % ? are you expecting me to help you do.

Question What would you do? What do you think I did?