Answer: ECICP is an online cleaning institution that creates cleaning protocols over a variety of public and private industries. We certify, train, and educate cleaning professionals or people who are interested in having a trade career in the cleaning industry. We also offer cleaning health & safety training along with life skill training and education to families, communities, individuals, and business industries.

Answer: Classes/Course and some seminars/workshops are offered online in a live scheduled webinar classroom or self-paced online classroom. Some training can be help in a classroom or facility provided by the client. Our instructors are willing to travel to a location when travel expenses and accommodations are provided by the client.

Answer: ECICP services cleaning professionals, families, individuals, youth, elderly, corporate business Industry; Government, Colleges/Universities, disable individuals, private consumer facilities, food industry, hospitality industry, and health care professionals

Answer: Classes are held all year with some national holiday off: MKL Holiday, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Day.

Answer: Courses are announced on ECICP Institution website, online newsletters, television, social media sites, and other online public media sources

Answer: Courses can have a session of 4 to 20 weeks-long, depending on the course that is being taken. When a course is a LIVE WEBNAR OR SELF-PACED ONLINE CLASSROOM SESSION IT MUST BE COMPLETED WITHIN (6) SIX MONTHS or the course will be terminated, and no certificate will be issued.

Answer: Corse/class schedule are listed online and may be printed from pdf. File format

Answer: Basic life skill class fees are $125.00, senior life skill class fees are $85.00

Answer: We accept only online registrations. Register at and follow the prompts. Registrations are accepted by availability of classes or courses as they are filling up other sessions will open. Registration starts six weeks prior to course session, and you can register up to 2 weeks prior to the start of class.

Answer: Payments must accompany your registration. Debit or credit card payments through PayPal, Visa, and MC Etc., and are accepted ONLINE ONLY.


Answer: A processing fee of $50 is required for each class/course registration and will be charged if a student withdraws on or before class begins. All registrants have a three day right to resend for full payment, minus the processing fee. Before the three-days resection period registrants may receive full refund apart from the $50.00 processing fee. Registrants may receive half of their paid refund within ten days after class/course registration with written notification for cancelation, if there has been no written notification for cancelation or rescheduling, no refunds will be issued after the ten-day period. Registrants may register for another class/course session within a fourteen-day period after initial registration. They may also apply for a hold date and use this hold date up to three months if an emergency has occurred with written proof. (Family Death – Serious Illness, Hospital Stay or Childbirth)

Answer: Scholarships are offered based on financial need and are available on a first come, first served basis. Each applicant Applications will be accepted through online registration. More information can be found on the "Pricing" information page or Scholarship tab found under features.

Answer: Yes, designated donations are welcomed. Donations may be directed to a specific area of program costs, such as need-based scholarships or health and safety initiatives or may be directed to support the annual fund.

Donations may also be made in memory or in celebration of someone. Certificates will be mailed recognizing this honor.

Answer: Classes that are in person instructor, online live classroom or online live group webinar classes are 45 minutes to 1.5 hrs per session. Self-paced classes are bases on the individual taking the class but must be completed within a week of registration or the start of that class that is being taken.

Answer: Yes, many courses are available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (with the possibility of (1) one Saturday live Q & A session). All courses are available via web classroom at your convince, with the exception of live webinars. Many live webinar courses are offered on weekdays. However, self-paced courses do have information turn in deadline and exam schedule.

Answer: course price varies see course catalogue.

Answer: Necessary tools, books, and materials specific to each program. There are also additional book materials that students are responsible for purchase with is in the school online store. There are also advertisement career packages available for students offered by our technology department.

Answer: Yes, everything is yours to keep. You also get to keep any projects you create.

Answer: We offer a listing of suitable and career opportunities that are seeking our professional graduates; however, securing a job or contract is up to the student. Our career planning counsellors will give ever amount of available assistance to ECICP professional graduates to help them with seeking viable career areas and markets. We will have online post for career opportunities.

Answer: You must be an adult, age 18 years and older for professional courses. Ages 4-25 + for the life skill classes and parent or legal guardian are responsible for registering minor children under the age of 18. Parent/legal guardian must indicate their names as well as students name on registration forms.