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Government Assistance Programs


Housing Assistance Programs ( HUD, Habitat for Humanity )

ECICP will train individuals or in a seminar/workshop form. Our Clean Health & Safety Educational program will also give details hygiene care for households and practical everyday life skills for cleanliness to assists participants with securing personal needs for independent and healthy living. ECICP will provide you with helpful preventative home maintenance education. Preventative home maintenance can help you avoid more costly repairs down the road. In a house repairs are inevitable; however preventative maintenance can avoid repairs, extend the life expectancy of many components and in some cases, reduce energy consumption when proper upkeep it maintained. You will learn about Heating Your Home Safely, Insuring Your Home, The Home Owner’s Toolbox, Home Remodeling Dos and Don’ts, Quick Home Cleaning Tips, and much more. This is a great class for anyone that owns a home.

Starting Price for groups of 12-15 $900.00
                                             16-25 $1,500.00

Course Fee: $2500.00

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