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Specialty Training

Corporate Industry Clean Health, Safety & Protocol Training

Cleaning holds special importance for any facility, you likely hired your employees to run your establishment, or to keep your patrons happy, or to build your business. When we think of facility cleaning we often think of smoke stacked facilities with big machines and dirty buildings. Today, however, an industrial customer can also be a high-tech manufacturer, a bus station, a small-to-large construction builder, an international research institute, or a pharmaceutical giant.

ECICP provides exceptional facility training and management solutions to many institutions throughout the world. We will create customized, cleaning protocols for your business facility.  

We adopt your company’s priorities, culture, philosophy, and traditions to create the most appropriate, customized solution to meet your needs. And because we take the time up-front to learn your needs you will find our well-planned transitions are non-disruptive and yield quick results.

With innovations like our industry-leading protocol creation and green cleaning service program, we can help you attract and retain staff and faculty members who are happy to be in an environmentally friendly, safe, and healthy work environment.

It all adds up to more efficient, more effective, more reliable ways to maintain your facility for your employees.

Our green cleaning education and training will help you create a program which enables you facility to be efficient in joining the movement toward environmentally friendly cleaning practices.

How our training & protocol establishment for professionals can help:


  • Pest Elimination

  • Elimination of Bacteria/Germ Transfer

  • No More Service Inconsistency

  • No More Improper Cleaning Procedures

  • Onsite training for hotel management and their house keeping staff

  • Teach employee etiquette 

  •  Create a facility protocol for your establishment.

  •  Answer questions & give handouts

  • Instructional DVD (can be used for a two year training tool).

  • Our trained professional instructors are here to assist you with cleaning instructions and maintenance clean up to get the facility in tip top shape.

  • Instructions are just a click away by logging on to our online institution



    A certification can:

  1. Establish a mark of excellence for them

  2. give you a competitive edge for promotion and hiring

  3. Show clients and associates commitment and dedication

  4. Reestablish lost business.

  5. Create a facility Protocol for cleanliness

  6. Reduce the bottom and raise profit margins

  7. Establish customer loyalty                                   

  8. Change the overall employee atmosphere to a healthy positive environment.

    A well trained cleaning staff can prolong the life of your business, and provide the cleanest environment for your customers. Emaculate Cleaning Institute for Cleaning Professionals can offer a cleaning protocol for your facility and management in an array of services for your business industry  


    Our green cleaning education and training will help you create a program which enables you faculty to be efficient in joining the movement toward friendly environmental cleaning practices.


    Starting Price 

Course Fee: $1800.00

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