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Government Assistance Programs

Public Assistance Program (Housing Authority)

"The best assistance you can offer is to help people help themselves!"

This is accomplished by special training and classes that teach fundamental living skills, personal-improvement skills, and workplace skills. ECICP Better Living Housing Program has training in two primary areas:

(1) Personal Improvement / Workforce Skills and
(2) Life Skills for Independent Living

In the area of Life Skills for Independent Living, ECICP, surveys students and assesses areas of special needs and sets up classes to fill those needs. This training includes three areas:

(1) Apartment upkeep and maintenance
(2) Personal care and maintenance
(3) Peer interaction and support

Maintaining Your Space:

Upkeep of Living Quarters and Personal Space

Maintaining an apartment unit requires a combination of learned skills, effort, and applied time. Many persons who have lived transient lives for years have never had opportunity to learn or practice these skills. ECICP operates a training program involving one-on-one interaction to teach or review easy-to-apply basics in apartment and personal-space upkeep.

In addition to keeping living quarters habitable and decent, ECICP believes that it is an important element in encouraging personal pride and self-respect

Personal Needs:

Addressing Personal Needs and Personal Care

ECICP will train individuals or in a seminar/workshop form. Our Clean Health & Safety Educational program will also give details hygiene care for households and practical everyday life skills for cleanliness to assists participants with securing personal needs for independent and healthy living. Some of these needs are service-oriented, such as finding service providers for educational assistance (such as GED training). ECICP’s main objective is to assist individual with job and career training in one of ECICP professional career courses in an effort to provide them with the means to advance and obtained a better quality of life with a professional cleaning certification.

ECICP is happy to provide resources for other needs of a direct material nature, such as securing food, medical assistance, and transportation resources, clothing resources, and other tangible needs

Starting Price for groups of 12-15 $900.00
                                             16-25 $1,500.00

Course Fee: $3500.00

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