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Government Assistance Programs

Government Assistance Programs

ECICP is a resource for government programs and were are available to assist individuals, corporations, institutions, residents, and agencies in every way we can by provide job skills and career opportunities. There are 4 areas we are currently focused on:

1. Home maintenance assistance, and clean house & safety educational training for HUD homes

2.  Clean house & safety educational training, home maintenance assistance, clean, health & safety life skills education, and Job certification assistance for social services 

3. Personal life skills education, clean, health & safety life skills education,; job assistance and certifications for ex-offenders, and hard to place individuals  

4. Clean, health & safety life skills education and personal life skills education, for disabled persons, veterans, and individuals with special needs.

Our certification courses and life skill class will assist in nearly every major part of their lives. There are a variety of resources offered by ECICP to government entities on local, state, and federal levels. Our educational services and resources are also available to students and adults with special or limited disabilities in other areas such as, training handicapped persons to receive special job training for restaurants, hotels, and shops. Emaculate Cleaning Institute is in the business of providing services; we create certification courses, life skill classes, seminars and workshops, industry protocols for cleaning and clean industry training, as a resource to aid in job creation and clean health reform. ECICP is strengthening the world’s job crisis and creating certified cleaning professionals for the world’s job service market; by providing resources for government programs and delivers them online. We are certifying individuals for a clean, healthy, & safer tomorrow; these individuals are becoming certified to achieve the desired goals of financial stability. 




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Government Assistance Programs

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