ECICP offer The National Certification of Cleaning Professionals (NCCP)  


How does NCCP certification differ from licensure or other forms of certification?

Licensure is granted by individual states and is typically valid within that state alone. The National Certification of Cleaning Professionals (NCCP) is a voluntary, nationally recognized standard that is not tied to membership in any professional organization it is currently the only one of its kind.

Why do I need another certification?

A certification is a mark of excellence that you carry with you everywhere you go. NCCP certification is voluntary and was developed to meet the needs of cleaning professionals. NCCP certification was developed by ECICP and designed exclusively for professionals in the cleaning industry and those that wanted security and a higher level of professionalism than those that were being hired for cleaning services.  The NCCP credential demonstrates a commitment to the professional standard of excellence for many different cleaning industries throughout the world.  

Why is it important for me now?

Professional certification shows employers, clients, and business associates that you are committed as a professional. This certification may give you a competitive edge for promotions and hiring. Training and education are the building blocks for success and being certified is your golden stamp of approval that you are knowledgeable about your business. Your presentation to your customers and ability to serve them well is a plus when you present a certification letting them know you’re serious about your career.

What we offer.

We offer several types of cleaning packages for your educational needs. Each course is self-containing; however, it does also promote the knowledge of other course packages given.
Each cleaning course comes with the cleaning fundamentals instructional class and the online course booklet. You will receive a certificate or several in your area of expertise with the passing and complication of each training course. Where applicable; each course comes with documents filing procedures for paperwork and instruction as well as examples on information to get you started in your field of business.