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Emaculate cleaning systems are raising cleaning health-related awareness in communities, corporate sectors, individual practices, and private facilities about the dangers of unhealthy cleaning practices. In every place, all the time, and anywhere there are life threaten contaminates surrounding us. ECICP shares emerging good practices and discusses cutting-edge topics and key issues in the cleaning industry that will create a security border around businesses, individuals, and families to ensure better cleaning health safety, and knowledge against poor sanitization practices. Health reform efforts take root and have staying power when parents, community members, businesses, professional cleaners, and local government become active stakeholders in community safety.

Join us in the fight to reform the world with better cleaning health and safety practices. As we certify more cleaning professionals and train business cleaning staff, we will campaign the globe for dedicated people to join the reform. EmacWorld is the answer to a global crisis for better cleaning health and safety practices. We care about the world communities and the children that are affected by improper sanitation that causes sickness and death. We are here to educate and help implement the importance of germs, viruses, and bacteria and the harmful effects they have on our communities and families.  We are fighting to train students with life skills that will equip youth and young adults with the tools they will need to live safer lives by having better cleaning health practices. When we start with the youth these critically learned cleaning concepts will move with them into adulthood and bring forth a change in how we view and understand cleaning health and the safety that is required to maintain optimal health.