Our History  

Emaculate Cleaning Systems LLC was formed in 2008 as a byproduct of Emaculate Cleaning Service. Emaculate Cleaning Service was formed in 1991 as a sole proprietorship for services in cleaning, focusing on residential, janitorial, and specialty cleaning. The founder, Laurie Livingston started in the cleaning industry at age of 15 working for her cousin Joyce Richardson the owner and founder of Richardson & Associates. While working by her cousin side at Richardson & Associates she became the supervisor over several janitorial contracts for major companies at the tender age of 16. Miller Brewing Company, Unifi Manufacturing, Burlington Industries and First Union Banking were among her duties for several years. After many years of service in the family business she decided to become an owner of her own residential cleaning business; so, she created Emaculate Cleaning Service. 
Mrs. Livingston began to make an account of problems that had been overlooked areas in the cleaning industry and decided to commit herself to perfecting and creating a standard of training in the cleaning industries; she calls these standards (systems). The inconsistencies concerning style and performance for cleaning was becoming a major problem for individuals seeking cleaning services as well as other industry companies seeking professional cleaning staff, and the unavailability of experts and expert information to counteract this issue was an even bigger problem. This was noted in all major industries across the nation the hotel industry, the restaurant industry, in schools and universities, the hospitals industry, private facility, the janitorial and residential industries that she serviced and countless others. In 2012 she founded Emaculate Cleaning Institute For Cleaning Professionals (ECICP) the platform that will certify, educate, and train cleaning professionals and individuals about the world of cleaning. Mrs. Livingston is creating cleaning protocols for more than 7 global industries for staff training and offers more than 30 certification cleaning courses for cleaning professionals. Now with more that 30 years in the cleaning industry she is changing the way the world values cleaning health and safety.