ECICP offers four different programs to accommodate the diverse needs of the communities. Our primary program is the training, education, and certification of cleaning professionals and those that desire to become cleaning professionals. We offer comprehensive career training in more than 30 cleaning career courses; that will provide the knowledge and training that students in the cleaning industry needs to combat the hidden dangers in our communities.
The second program is our life skill classes which are designed to assist youth, individuals, families, and industries gain knowledge about the life and health essentials that are needed for everyday living. We offer several different life skill classes that focus on youth, teens, young adults, and college students. These classes will educate and train individuals personally or in a group setting to understand housing management, self-care, and personal/public cleaning safety. Our cleaning health & safety program is the perfect solution to replenish the lost knowledge on simply needed values and to close the gap that has undernourished families and youth about cleaning practices for several decades.
Our third program aids government agencies with career opportunities and entrepreneurship for individuals and their families. This program aids ex-offenders or those that are coming out of incarceration, families living in subsidized housing, veterans that are seeking to start their own cleaning careers, and persons with some special needs. We want to help individuals that are interested in a cleaning career advance their living opportunities by becoming certified cleaning professionals.  

In our final program, ECICP is happy to offer cleaning health & safety staff and management training to corporations and businesses. This program creates a specific cleaning system for industries like restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, universities, and private facilities. The protocols that are created are available for staff and management yearly through our staff training portal and are available on demand. This training is equipped with the latest cleaning data and safety protocols from the CDC (Center for Disease Control), OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and ASSP (American Society of Safety Professionals) along with many other resources to ensure vital information is provided for our students. This training for public staff members and management is essential for the safety and health of our communities, we must share in the responsibility of keeping all people safe from bad cleaning practices. By providing this training our cleaning health & safety reform will reach countless business entities to combat poor sanitary conditions in numerous facilities that are used by families, groups, and individuals.