ECICP provides industries with cleaning health & safety protocols created and designed specifically for your staff and tailored to your business environment.

We provide functional cleaning protocols as an aid in public clean health reform. ECICP is strengthening the world’s cleaning health & safety practices and creating trained cleaning staff for the world’s job service market; by providing cleaning education and training for public and private industries where health and safety is most vital. Public places are the most susceptible to multiple visits, which is why all staff that are in attendance must obtain the same training and accountability scale. Our Web-based training is not downloaded, rather on-demand training stored in a server and accessed across a network via the Internet. ECICP’s web-based training presents technical content in a structure allowing self-directed, self-paced instruction or scheduled live instructions. Our live web training can be scheduled by your company’s management staff where staff members can engage in live training in a group setting at their facility. This training will be set up at coordinated times with our training facilitator. Trained staffed facilities will received a certificate when all current members of the facility have been trained and the certificate can be displayed. Whatever your learning style, ECICP is ready to equip you with what you need.